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The fight for earned, deserved California workers’ comp benefits

Few things are more frustrating than suffering an injury on the job. A workplace injury can require you to miss work (and paychecks) while you undergo treatment that might include everything from surgery to physical rehabilitation to something as simple as rest. Fortunately, many California employees eligible for workers’ compensation receive benefits without having to battle their employer or the employer’s insurer.

Are you fighting a losing battle against workers' compensation?

After suffering a workplace accident, it would be only natural for an injured worker in California to experience anxiety over his or her inability to provide for a family while absent from work. However, after a major accident, it may be a while before the worker can proceed with a claim for workers' compensation benefits, prolonging the financial stress about lost wages. Fortunately, there are professional people to assist workers with the intricacies of the claiming process.

Can workers file third-party cases after workplace accidents?

California construction companies are normally protected against facing personal injury claims if they offer their employees the coverage of workers' compensation insurance. The workers' compensation insurance fund affords workers the opportunity to claim compensation for injuries suffered in construction accidents without having to prove fault of negligence on the part of the employer or a colleague. However, there are circumstances where workers may have legal claims to file third-party cases after suffering workplace injuries.


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