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April 2015 Archives

Evaluating the workers' compensation system: a first look

The process of making California's workers' compensation system function for both workers and employers and insurers is a complex, years-long one. Three years ago, the state enacted a reform it hoped would save time and money and restore some benefits to injured workers.

Latinos injured or killed in the construction industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction accident fatalities disproportionately involved Latino workers between 2010 and 2013. This is concerning since there has been a declining number of fatalities among all other construction workers. In fact, the number of Latino fatalities within the industry has been increasing during those years.

Breaking the California code

Most of us are not nurses or doctors or EMTs. That does not mean we could not join one of these professions -- if we were willing to put years into schooling, studying and gaining experience in the lines of work. It's also likely that you could, with years of focused study and training, become an architect or an engineer. None of these are particularly easy occupations to pursue, but with extended concentration on the subject matter and dedication to learning from books and then gathering experience, most of us could fill most of these jobs.

How much of my pay can my employer take for workers' comp costs?

When Coachella Valley workers get injured on the job and are then denied needed and deserved workers' compensation benefits, they often turn to experienced attorneys to help them in their fight for crucial medical care and wage replacement.

On the road again

The state of California's Department of Transportation has a webpage listing highway construction projects across the state, including in our Riverside district. It lists the dates when the work is scheduled to begin and when it is planned to end. Not included in the plans, of course, are accidents in the work zones that result in injuries -- and in worst-case scenarios -- deaths of construction workers and motorists.


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