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May 2015 Archives

California worker reports back injury; employer retaliates

It is bad enough to hurt your back while on the job. But when your employer then retaliates against you for reporting the work injury, you have unneeded problem piled on top of your pain and injury. It's also the kind of problem that can get your employer in trouble with the federal government.

Don't go back, Jack, and do it again

Many of our Coachella Valley readers undoubtedly recognized the reference in our headline to the Steely Dan song "Do It Again." While the long-ago hit tune was not about back injuries, it might resonate with those workers in the Rancho Mirage area who have injured their backs on the job and hope to avoid repeating the injury and extending the damage, and most of all, want to avoid living through that pain again.

Across Coachella Valley and the world, it's Construction Safety Week

Many construction firms across the nation, including here in Coachella Valley, are celebrating Safety Week 2015 right now. They want to ensure that the public understands the risks inherent in the industry that is such a big part of America's economic health and growth.

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