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December 2015 Archives

Workplace accidents: Federal lawsuit after forklift related death

When workers nationwide, including in California, suffer on-the-job injuries, the workers' compensation system is there to provide financial relief. This is also true for any family who loses a loved one in a work accident. However, some workplace accidents are caused by defective equipment, and in such cases, injured victims or surviving family members may also have viable product liability claims against manufacturers and/or suppliers of faulty equipment.

Workplace accidents: Crane topples over to kill truck driver

The owners of California companies that use heavy equipment such as cranes in their operations are bound by law to eliminate known safety hazards. Along with providing proper training for the operators of such equipment, workers who move about at ground level must also be made aware of the dangers they may face. Workplace accidents involving cranes all too often claim the lives of workers in the vicinity of industrial equipment.

Workplace accidents: Forklift strikes, kills 61-year-old worker

One of the most hazardous types of vehicles in warehouses, factories and workshops nationwide, including here in California, is a forklift. Company owners and employees often underestimate the dangers associated with forklifts, and it is not uncommon for workers to become complacent with these vehicles that regularly move about their workplaces without creating much noise. However, workplace accidents involving lift trucks are often serious and sometimes cause fatalities.

OSHA investigates workplace injuries in health care facility

Health care workers are exposed to multiple safety hazards on a daily basis. While some of the dangers may be unanticipated, there are known hazards that require specific precautions to avoid workplace injuries. In response to a complaint, federal authorities recently inspected one of the facilities of a California hospital group.

Worker suffers workplace injuries when catwalk breaks

Although California workers are exposed to various types of injuries, falls are reported to form a significant percentage of recorded accidents. Employees of companies at which worker safety is not regarded as a priority can be at a huge disadvantage. Those who have to work at heights without appropriate personal protection equipment will be at risk of suffering workplace injuries that can cause disabilities or even deaths.


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