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April 2016 Archives

Failing fall protection can cause construction workers' accidents

Construction work will always be dangerous, and if safety protocols are not in place, the lives of workers may be put on the line. A large percentage of construction workers' accidents in California involve falls, often with devastating consequences. For this reason, construction company owners must comply with safety regulations related to fall protection.

Workplace injuries: Time for heat illness prevention is imminent

Temperatures exceeding any others going back 100 years were recorded over the past few California summers. Such high temperatures can cause life-threatening hazards for many workers -- especially those who perform their jobs outdoor. Workers have rights to safe workplace environments that are free of hazards that could cause workplace injuries, and California workers may want to make sure those rights are respected.

Gas line puncture causes explosion and severe workplace injuries

Construction companies nationwide, including here in California, must consult with utility companies and gas line operators while planning any construction project. It is vital for electricity and gas lines to be identified and clearly marked before operations commence. Failure to do this can lead to catastrophic workplace injuries or even fatalities. Employers must ensure that all known safety hazards are addressed to protect workers, even if the information has to be gathered to identify unknown hazards.

Acetic acid fumes cause workplace injuries in confined space

One of the most hazardous conditions workers across the country, including here in California, can be exposed to is confined spaces. For this reason, the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict safety regulations to protect workers against exposure to toxic fumes or gases that may be present in confined areas. Strict compliance with these regulations is vital for all confined spaces, and decisions as to the potential danger of possible workplace injuries must not be left up to employees.


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