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Criminal activity may result in construction workers' accidents

In California and across the country, construction is ranked as one of the most hazardous occupations to have. While it is inherently dangerous, there are some who believe that construction workers' accidents are often the result of criminal activity. In one state, a task force has been formed to hold contractors legally accountable for the deaths of their employees on the job.

Construction workers' accidents leave families seeking benefits

Construction workers in California may not be surprised to learn that their job is considered one of the most dangerous to have. Construction workers' accidents often result in serious injury or fatality because of the hazardous worksites, large-scale projects and heavy equipment the job often involves. In addition to monitoring their own safety, employees must also look out for the welfare of their fellow workers. If this chain of protection breaks down, disaster may happen.

Workplace accidents may mean loss of income for families

In the blink of an eye, an accident can happen, and lives are changed forever. Workplace accidents seem especially tragic because they often involve people who are working hard to support their families. When those accidents end in a worker's death, families are left behind to cope with the loss. This happened recently to a family in California.

Workers' compensation is not always provided when it should be

Being injured on the job may bring more than physical pain. An employee may worry about the hours or days off work the injury may require and the hardship it will bring to his or her family. However, workers' compensation insurance is required to be carried by most California businesses. Its coverage is meant to provide benefits for injured workers so they will not suffer financially while they recover.

Workplace accidents result in charges against California company

In addition to over $36,000 in fines for safety violations, one of California's largest recycling plants now faces criminal charges. The troubled company, already in the midst of layoffs and plant closures due to financial issues, may be fined an additional $1.5 million if found guilty of  two felony charges. These charges were brought because of the company's poor record in preventing workplace accidents.


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