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October 2016 Archives

Construction workers' accidents below ground add complications

Working underground in California carries its own set of risk factors. First, lighting may be poor, preventing a worker from seeing dangers. The air quality may be tainted or too thin for normal breathing. The worker may also have to use special equipment for reaching the worksite, and that equipment may not be reliable. Finally, when construction workers' accidents occur below ground, rescue operations may be slow and difficult.

Claiming benefits in a temporary disability situation

Employers in California and all other states are obligated to keep their employees as safe as possible according to the laws and regulations that govern such matters. Employers are also required to purchase insurance that provides benefits to those who suffer temporary disability situations after accidents occur in the workplace. Medical costs and lost wages are two expenses often alleviated through such benefits.

Revised OSHA rules may reduce workplace accidents

In its effort to make work environments safer in California and elsewhere, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has made some significant changes to its policies. The reforms took effect this summer, and some businesses may already be feeling the effects. OSHA hopes those effects are in the form of reduction in workplace accidents, but some employers may be feeling it in the wallet.

Workers' compensation programs have been cut in many states

A recent media investigation into nationwide changes in injured workers' insurance prompted the federal Department of Labor to study the allegations. The resulting report has sparked calls for federal oversight of the largely state-operated insurance programs. Apparently, the study of workers' compensation revealed that over 30 states, including California, have made drastic changes to their programs. Some states place workers at risk of poverty if they become injured on the job.

Workplace injuries may bring lifelong suffering

Physical wounds may heal, but often emotional scars affect one for a lifetime. In California and elsewhere, some workers take this risk every day. Two years after a serious accident on the job, one man is still suffering from workplace injuries that cannot be seen by the eye. After watching a co-worker die and seeing others critically wounded, the man finds himself struggling with crippling anxiety in addition to the pain in his body.


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