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November 2016 Archives

Construction workers' accidents: 2 killed in high winds

Citing that the regulations were bad for business and not necessary, representatives for the construction industry lobbied to have wind restrictions removed from regulations applied to crane use in another state. Because of that protest, the tougher restrictions were not renewed after they expired. People in California and across the country may be wondering if those rules forbidding crane operation during high winds would have prevented construction workers' accidents like the one that killed two men just before Thanksgiving.

Workplace accidents on movie sets do not get much publicity

A 65-year-old truck driver left his birthday party to return to a California studio to haul a load of equipment to the secret filming of the first installment of "The Avengers." The Vietnam veteran had gotten only a few hours sleep when he was called to make the delivery. While preparing the load, the man fell to his death from the back of the truck. He was one of 43 people who have died in workplace accidents on film sets in the United States over the past 25 years.

Workers' compensation is more positive when focus is on workers

After one man twisted his back at work, he experienced lingering pain that interfered with his daily routine. He filed a claim with workers' compensation and was delighted when the adjuster approved physical therapy over surgery. In addition, without the man asking, the adjuster procured an ergonomically designed chair for the man's home office. Workers in California often wish their claims were resolved so positively. Unfortunately, in many cases, workers may be an insurer's third concern after lowering expenses and reducing days off work.

Hospitals reduce workplace injuries with safe lifting programs

Workers in warehouses may be expected to lift loads up to 75 pounds on a regular basis. However, a typical hospital worker in California often lifts patients five times heavier. Can it be any wonder that so many hospital employees complain of workplace injuries? In an attempt to alleviate the stress and strain of so much heavy lifting, one study evaluated the effects of a safe handling program instituted at a small hospital and compared the results to those in a similar hospital with no safety protocol.


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