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February 2017 Archives

Third-party cases allow workers to seek maximum compensation

Workplace injuries can disrupt the flow of one's life. Even a slight injury may take an employee away from work for days or weeks. At many jobsites in California, workplace injuries are common and even expected. However, sometimes a worker is injured in the line of duty although the company or its employees are not directly responsible, and these are known as third\-party cases. In addition to investigating a workers' compensation claim, an attorney will be helpful in determining if a third-party claim is available.

California construction workers' accidents often involve Latinos

To some, it may seem that racial inequalities are diminishing across the country. However, others may experience the same disenfranchisement they always have, with little recourse to improve their situations. In California workplaces, minorities often have few choices and may end up in the most dangerous jobs, especially in the construction industry. A recent study has examined the price minorities pay in construction workers' accidents across the country.

Workplace accidents may occur when corners are cut to save money

Safety on the job is often a top concern, especially when the job is inherently dangerous. Providing well-maintained equipment and appropriate personal protection is the minimum many employers in California do to ensure the well-being of their workers. When cutting corners to save expenses, those are items few would sacrifice. However, when workplace accidents result in investigations regarding the safety procedures of a company, there may be many unanswered questions.

Workplace injuries may not be prevented with back belt

Back belts have become a staple in the workplace, especially where heavy lifting is required. Starting as rehabilitative tools following back injuries, back belts quickly evolved into exercise equipment for weight lifters. Today in California and across the country, back belts are used to prevent workplace injuries. Many question whether they are effective.


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