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March 2017 Archives

Construction workers' accidents plague building site

There is little question that construction work is among the most dangerous careers. The potential for severe injuries increases because of the high-risk environment in which the work is done. Since California cities continue to expand and improve, there is a greater possibility for construction workers' accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, one construction site in another state seems to have had more than its share of danger.

Workers may seek temporary disability after fall

Workers in high risk jobs depend on their equipment to provide safety so they can focus on their jobs and not have to worry about hazards. For example, construction workers, with some of the highest rates of accidents and injuries, utilize a variety of safety devices, from eye protection to reinforced boots. When working at heights, however, it is fall protection equipment and protocol workers in California and across the country depend on most because failure in this area can lead to temporary disability or worse.

Third-party cases may involve manufacturers of faulty scaffolding

Workers in California often depend on their equipment, not just to get the job done, but to provide a safe and reliable way to accomplish their tasks. When a job places a worker in harm's way, that worker does not want to worry that equipment will fail at the worst possible moment. However, these kinds of accidents happen all too often, prompting third-party cases that seek remuneration beyond workers' compensation.

Eyes are vulnerable to workplace injuries

Nearly every job presents a risk to employees' eyes. Whether a worker is exposed to bright or dim lighting, flying objects or sustained strain, the opportunity for vision damage is real. In fact, in California and across the country, almost 2,000 workers each day suffer eye injuries that require medical attention. Safety advocates say that 90 percent of those workplace injuries are preventable.


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