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Eyes are vulnerable to workplace injuries

Nearly every job presents a risk to employees' eyes. Whether a worker is exposed to bright or dim lighting, flying objects or sustained strain, the opportunity for vision damage is real. In fact, in California and across the country, almost 2,000 workers each day suffer eye injuries that require medical attention. Safety advocates say that 90 percent of those workplace injuries are preventable.

Wearing well-fitted eye protection that complies to standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the best way to protect one's eyes from debris, chemicals, intense light and other dangers. Workers in the industries of construction, manufacturing and mining are most susceptible to such eye damage, making up about 40 percent of reported injuries. Eye trauma can lead to vision loss and permanent blindness.

Those who work in other industries in California may find their vision strained by long hours staring at computer screens or reading small font in poor lighting. Staring at digital displays can cut in half the rate at which a person blinks. Advocates for eye safety recommend positioning a computer 25 inches away to allow one's blink rate to sufficiently lubricate the eyes.  Sometimes it may be necessary for a worker to request improved lighting or frequent breaks to relieve eye strain.

Vision is a precious thing to lose, and workers who suffer eye injuries may find that their lives are changed forever. After reporting workplace injuries to their supervisors, injured workers often contact an attorney as soon as possible. Even when workers' compensation benefits are urgently needed for medical costs and other financial needs, employers and insurance companies are not always quick to agree to workers' claims. Having an attorney to advise and counsel one through the process may reduce the possibility of delays.

Source: facilityexecutive.com, "Eye Protection Can Prevent 90 Percent Of Work-Related Eye Injuries", Feb. 28, 2017

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