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April 2017 Archives

Construction workers' accidents change lives in an instant

When accidents occur at California construction sites, they often happen so quickly that rescuers can do little to help. Heavy equipment used at great heights may combine to create a deadly situation if things go wrong. For safety advocates, the investigation of construction workers' accidents is primarily to prevent future accidents from occurring. Authorities are likely investigating a recent accident at a bridge project in another state to determine the causes and correct the situation.

Project site of many workplace accidents, including fatal fall

Many construction accidents have tragic endings, so hearing that an accident could have been prevented stirs many emotions. California workplace accidents are investigated to learn how to avoid such accidents in the future. Nevertheless, if employees are not trained to implement basic safety precautions, workplace accidents will continue to bring heartache to families and co-workers.

Third-party cases help families seek restitution after accidents

In some situations, workers are at the mercy of their environment. Being unable to control certain factors often leaves workers vulnerable to accidents and injuries that safety protocol may not be able to prevent. In these third\-party cases, injured employees may have recourse to additional compensation through civil courts. Such compensation may be even more important to families who lose loved ones in workplace accidents.

Construction area falls may result in temporary disability

Falling is the leading cause of injury among construction workers in California and across the country. Working high off the ground with little maneuvering room leaves almost no margin for error. Although safety equipment such as harnesses, belts and lanyards may reduce the severity of accidents, they are not always enough to prevent injuries that may result in temporary disability or worse.


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