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Workplace injuries nothing unusual among restaurant workers

The restaurant industry in California, just like most other sectors, poses its own unique safety hazards for employers and employees to consider. With its typical hustling and bustling of workers scurrying about to keep guests happy, many workplace injuries that occur involve the floor. Spills on the floors of restaurants are not unusual, especially in the kitchens.

Safety authorities say a significant number of slips and trips lead to days off work among restaurant workers every year. The typical heat and condensation, along with accidental spills, cause restaurant floors to be damp almost all the time. Add to those hazards the prevalence of sharp tools in this environment, and the consequences of falls can be devastating.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one of the hazards of restaurant work is standing on hard surfaces for long shifts. It is an ergonomic hazard that can lead to fatigued muscles that cause back pain and sore feet and legs. Safety authorities say the lack of frequent breaks and proper support can result in chronic health problems.

Employers in the restaurant industry are advised to ensure workers take frequent breaks. Creating a work environment that is free of randomly placed objects that can cause trips, and in which spills are cleaned up promptly may limit the number of workplace injuries reported. However, victims of such accidents are likely eligible for workers' compensation benefits to pay for the medical expenses and replace lost wages. Many injured workers find the prospect of navigating a benefits claim overwhelming, but the help of an experienced California workers' compensation attorney can ease the process.

Source: modernrestaurantmanagement.com, "How Floor Mats Can Improve Workplace Safety in Restaurants", Phil Lorcher, Feb. 6, 2018

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