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Summer poses unique hazards for workplace injuries

Workers in California, especially those who are new to the workforce, may not be aware of the hazards unique to the summer. While employee training might cover the various workplace injuries that can happen, the risks of working outdoors at this time of the year must be underscored. Those who work alone are most vulnerable, and they will need to take additional precautions to stay safe from a variety of seasonal hazards this summer.

As protection against the heat of the sun, workers must apply sunscreen throughout the day, take in enough fluids to remain hydrated and take frequent breaks in cool, shaded areas. Poor air quality can be caused by the prevalence of allergens, debris particles and dust in the air at this time of the year. Workers with existing respiratory conditions such as asthma must take particular care. Extreme summer weather can include tornadoes and lightning, and shelter must be sought at the first signs of thunder.

Insects and irritating plants can cause allergic reactions and skin conditions that could be severe. Insects such as mosquitoes can cause deadly diseases, and insect repellents might prevent bites. Learning to identify dangerous plants like poison oak and poison ivy can help to avoid contact. Wearing long sleeves, gloves, closed shoes and long pants might be wise when working in areas where poisonous plants grow.

Sometimes, workplace injuries or illnesses are suffered despite all the precautions taken. In such events, workers can pursue financial relief through the California workers' compensation insurance system. Proving some of these conditions to be work-related might be challenging, and this is where the skills of an experienced workers' compensation attorney come in. With a lawyer's support and guidance, benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages might be secured.

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