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Workers compensation injuries most common to bartenders

Southern California is undoubtedly a hot-spot for those who like to party. Coachella draws thousands of music and festival fans to our location every year. Along with all the warm weather and good vibes, comes the duties of a bartender to keep the party going. However, workers in this type of industry face a great amount of pressure to satisfy the demands of the patrons with little to no breaks.

The work of a bartender is demanding with the long-hours and fast-paced environment. It is high-stress in times of chaos but rewarding when collecting tips at the end of the night. Anyone in the service industry is at risk of experiencing a work-related accident or injury. The hope is that nothing will happen, but when and if something does, workers need to know what their rights are and how to seek help.

Here are the common types of injuries bartenders face while on the job:

Back/neck/shoulder strain - Repetitive motions create injury over time for long-time bartenders. Bartenders are constantly reaching up, down and over their bar to access bottles, ice, and clean glassware. It is not uncommon for bartenders to complain about a strained lower-back or tight muscle in the neck and shoulders.

Slip and fall injuries - Bartenders work around a constant flow of ice, liquor being poured, and spills that may occur on and around their work area. There is a higher chance of a bartender slipping and falling. Depending on the type of fall, the bartender may suffer a concussion, torn knee ligament, or any other type of injury due to a fall.

Cuts and bleeding - Broken glass is a reality for many people in the service industry, especially for bartenders. They might encounter glass that cuts their hands or arms, causing severe bleeding and the need for immediate medical attention.

If you are a bartender, you need to know that you do not have to suffer with physical issues that are a result of the work that you do. There is help and support for anyone who is injured on the job. Many times, insurance companies deny or avoid honoring the law regarding compensation and coverage for an injured worker. That is why it is important to contact a legal professional right away.

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