A bit of advice for Coachella Valley construction injury victims

What do you do if you’re a Coachella Valley construction worker who has suffered debilitating on-the-job injuries? That turn of circumstances is far from unusual for hard-working individuals who make their living in what is unquestionably one of America’s highest-risk occupational realms.

You promptly seek to do everything you can to attend to your medical needs, of course. And then you might reasonably consider enlisting legal help from a proven Valley legal team that has decades of experience securing truly meaningful remedies for workplace accident/injury victims.

“Construction sites are dangerous.”

We make that quick yet flatly true observation on our website at the established Rancho Mirage workers’ compensation law firm of English Lloyd & Armenta.

And we couple it with this tandem reality: “The bills don’t stop just because you are out of work.”

Indeed, injured construction workers have immediately pressing needs in the wake of worksite mishaps that have seeming turned their lives upside down. Health-linked uncertainty is a worrying concern. Medical bills are obviously piling up. Rehabilitation/therapy costs might be on the horizon. The mortgage must continue to be paid.

Those things and all related factors are centrally on the minds of experienced pro-worker attorneys who have spent their careers helping valued clients maximize their workers’ compensation and medical benefits. Knowledgeable and aggressive legal advocates work quickly and thoroughly to establish material facts and assign accountability, and they approach settlement negotiations backed by a demonstrated history of trial-readiness.

Seasoned workers’ comp legal professionals also look for evidence of third-party liability in injury matters, such as a subcontractor’s negligence. Many workplace-accident cases yield victims personal injury recoveries that supplement workers’ compensation benefits.

Being proactive in the wake of a worksite construction injury (or any other on-the-job injury) empowers affected workers. Moreover, it can align them with seasoned legal advocates who will focus unstintingly on their best interests and optimal case outcomes.

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