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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Crash knocks worker down hole

Construction sites are inherently dangerous work zones. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of employees by following strict safety standards. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health says all workplace injuries are preventable. However, some construction workers' accidents result from the negligence of third parties.

Construction workers' accidents involving trenches could be fatal

From June 17 to June 21, safety authorities will reinforce the importance of compliance with trench-related safety regulations. During the Trench Safety Stand Down, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will remind employers and employees of the potential hazards that could cause severe or fatal construction workers' accidents. The agency reports that more than 50 lives are lost in trench collapses nationwide each year, including California.

Struck-by hazards cause many construction workers' accidents

Hazards that pose severe threats are present on every building site. The California Division of Safety and Health requires each employer to provide work environments that are free of known hazards and safety training to ensure that workers are aware of potential dangers and know how to prevent construction workers' accidents that could injure themselves and others. Struck-by hazards are a significant threat to workers at ground level.

Workers' compensation: Considerations to ensure crane safety

Construction sites pose an endless list of safety hazards, most of which are covered in the safety regulations prescribed by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Some of the many workers' compensation claims filed by construction workers involve injuries suffered in circumstances that involved cranes. Even though these machines come in different sizes, they all pose injury threats, and compliance with safety standards requires consideration of three environmental factors.

Construction workers' accidents are preventable

California employers must address safety hazards in the workplace. And yet, construction workers' accidents claim thousands of lives each year. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health says most, if not all, workplace accidents are preventable through compliance with prescribed safety standards and a designating competent person to identify and rectify injury risks.

Can a competent person prevent construction workers' accidents?

Any construction site in California must have a so-called designated competent person, and a safety inspector could ask anyone on-site to identify that person. What qualifies a person to have this designation? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has no established standards for this, and it is up to the employer to choose an employee to play that role to prevent industrial or construction workers' accidents

Construction workers' accidents: Cal/OSHA issues $600 fine

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently reported its findings on an investigation into a June incident when a driver became trapped in his overturned truck. After conflicting reports by the contracted driver, the construction company and witnesses, Cal/OSHA concluded that the company was responsible for conditions that caused the driver to rush and endanger his life by operating his concrete truck at an unsafe speed. Finding the truth behind some construction workers' accidents can be challenging.

Construction workers' accidents: 7,200-pound beam crushes worker

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is investigating the death of a worker who suffered a fatal on-the-job injury on a recent Monday morning. Construction workers' accidents that involve struck-by hazards are frequent causes of workplace deaths. Although few details were made available about this incident, it appears to have included such a hazard.

Construction workers' accidents: Rebar tower falls onto workers

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health reports that it is investigating a recent incident that caused critical injuries to a worker in Fremont. The agency notes that it now has two construction workers' accidents under investigation in which employees of the same company suffered serious injuries. In the previous instance, a worker who was caulking fell from one floor to the lower one in June.

Workers' compensation claims for lung diseases can be challenging

Following the National Healthy Lung month of October, workers in California might benefit from the awareness campaigns that were run to underscore the hazards posed by silica and asbestos. However, employers have known about the dangers and the high risks of lung cancer, but workers' compensation claims continue to be filed by workers whose health and safety were not protected. Workers do not always realize that they can insist on personal protective equipment if they work in hazardous conditions.


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