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Workers' compensation: Stress causes PTSD in first responders

According to a recently published article, the work environments of first responders nationwide, including California, put them at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. Sleep deprivation, fatigue, low nutrition and trauma are par for the course for emergency services workers, leading to many workers' compensation claims. The buildup occurs because many first responders do not talk about the trauma at work, nor do they seek help. Instead, many let off steam when they get home, which might cause family problems.

HAVS could cause temporary disability

Employees in various industries in California work with equipment that could be damaging to their health in the long run. Frequent use of hand-held tools that produce vibrations could lead to temporary disability if protection is not in place. Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is also known as vibration white finger disease, due to the most visible symptom of the disorder.

West Nile Virus can cause illness and temporary disability

According to the California Department of Public Health, with the summer heat of June comes the threat of West Nile Virus. Reportedly, the first four confirmed cases of WNV-related illnesses have been recorded. WNV affects people in different ways, and while some victims may only show mild symptoms, the virus could cause temporary disability or worse. A small percentage of victims could develop meningitis, encephalitis or other serious neurologic illnesses, and it could even be fatal.

Workers' compensation appeals process could be challenging

Workplace injuries can be suffered by any worker in any industry. In most cases, victims of on-the-job accidents can pursue financial relief through the California workers' compensation insurance program. However, filing a benefits claim does not necessarily mean that compensation will be paid.

Temporary disability can follow exposure to Valley Fever fungus

Workers in the Central Valley of California are at risk of contracting Valley Fever. The illness is caused by inhalation of microscopic fungus spores, Coccidioides immitis. The fungus is present in this soil of this area, and it becomes airborne when the soil is disturbed. Victims of this illness may suffer temporary disability.

Silicosis: Will workers' compensation benefits be hard to get?

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health implemented the new Respirable Crystalline Standard for Construction this month which will require employers to take specific steps to protect workers against occupational illnesses such as silicosis and other lung diseases. But what are the symptoms of silicosis? When it comes to workers' compensation benefits claims, how difficult will it be to prove that silicosis resulted from on-the-job exposure years earlier?

What if workers' compensation benefits for hantavirus are denied?

A 22-year-old man who worked at Bodie State Historic Park -- a historical landmark in Mono County -- contracted a rare disease during that time. He was left fighting for his life in a hospital, suspecting that it was caused by exposure to rodents at the facility. Although he can file California workers' compensation benefits claims, proving the illness to be work-related may be challenging.

Multiple construction workers' accidents at Facebook site

Business is booming in California, and with it comes an increase in building. While it is not unusual for construction workers' accidents to occur, when multiple accidents happen on the same site, rescue workers and other authorities may begin to worry. Recently, a worker's fall from the site of the new Facebook building marked the second such accident since construction began this spring.

Injuries from explosions may require temporary disability

Eyes are on the skies this week as the nation celebrates Independence Day with fireworks displays. The public is warned each year of the dangers of personal fireworks and handheld sparklers, and even adults setting off fireworks may be injured to the point of requiring hospitalization and temporary disability. However, few probably consider the danger involved in assembling the explosives.

Tesla reports higher than average workers' compensation claims

Many who anticipate improved versions of electronic vehicles are closely watching the development of Tesla, Inc. The company's California plant is preparing to release the Model 3 by increasing production five-fold. However, workplace safety advocates are alarmed at the number of injuries and illnesses among employees at the plant. A rise in workers' compensation claims may mean the company is putting production above the safety of its employees.


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