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When do workplace injuries become 3rd-party cases?

As the California workforce grows, so does the number of serious and fatal workplace injuries. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health says that all workplace accidents are preventable, and it is the responsibility of employers to provide safe work environments. They must also comply with safety standards, failing which might lead to third-party cases in which employers are accused of negligence.

Cal/OSHA regulations to prevent smoke-related workplace injuries

Following the massive 2018 wildfires, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is seeking emergency regulations to protect workers from smoke inhalation. The intention is to limit smoke-related workplace injuries. The special rules will apply to all workers who are exposed to smoke from wildfires.

Workers compensation injuries most common to bartenders

Southern California is undoubtedly a hot-spot for those who like to party. Coachella draws thousands of music and festival fans to our location every year. Along with all the warm weather and good vibes, comes the duties of a bartender to keep the party going. However, workers in this type of industry face a great amount of pressure to satisfy the demands of the patrons with little to no breaks.

Workplace injuries: Cal/OSHA works on heat illness prevention

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health reports that 74 outdoor workers suffered heat illness last year. One of the victims was a landscaper who lost his life. The agency is proactive in its quest to limit the number of heat-related workplace injuries this coming summer.

Compliance with safety standards can prevent workplace injuries

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health require employers to provide safe work environments. The rules include the duty to provide adequate safety training and ongoing monitoring to ensure that workers do not become complacent and take shortcuts. One of the most frequently committed shortcuts that leads to many workplace injuries involves using the wrong tool for the job because it is handy and similar to the required tool.

Workplace injuries: Ergonomic toll on public safety workers

Public safety workers in California and other states are reported to be particularly vulnerable to certain injury types. Safety authorities say firefighters, EMTs and police officers suffer more musculoskeletal disorders and cardiovascular diseases than employees in other industries. Also, these public safety workers are often involved in auto crashes and incidents of workplace violence that cause workplace injuries.

Climate change increases risks of workplace injuries

California was the first state to establish safety standards to protect outdoor workers from excessive heat exposure. Safety authorities suggest that California might also be the first to set safety limits for indoor workers. Heat-related workplace injuries could be deadly, and the heat levels in California over recent years have been higher than ever, causing concern over the impact of climate change on hundreds of thousands of indoor workers.

Workers' compensation will cover toluene-related injuries

While similar hazards may exist in all California workplaces, others are unique to particular industries. Many of the workers' compensation claims that are filed each year arose from exposure to hazardous chemicals. Safety authorities require employers to inform employees of the risks posed by chemicals with which they have to work, and employers must also provide the necessary personal protective equipment.

Employers in cannabis industry must prevent workplace injuries

Workers in the California cannabis industry might have questions about their rights to safe workplace environments and the protection their employers should provide. The California Division of Safety and Health have not established safety standards that apply specifically to the workplace injuries in the marijuana industry, but, just as in any other sector, employers must protect the safety and health of employees. They must also mitigate any job-related hazards.

Improper lifting can cause serious workplace injuries

California workers in many industries have jobs that require proper lifting techniques. Safety authorities say a significant percentage of workplace injuries involve back injuries that could have been prevented. Many workers do not realize that once they hurt their backs, second and subsequent injuries are more likely, which could cause life-long discomfort or even chronic pain. The damage done to their backs over the years can make basic movements such as getting out of a chair or bed a struggle as they get older.


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