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Stalled Serious
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Located in Rancho Mirage, English Lloyd & Armenta has been serving the Coachella Valley for more than 30 years. We represent workers who have been injured on the job and need help obtaining workers’ compensation benefits and those who have been wrongfully denied overtime.

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Personal Injury & Work Comp – VR v. JC, DDP – The injured worker suffered third degree burns on his toros and legs and underwent lumbar surgery. He was injured when he was testing an underground pool heater …


Work Comp – JC v. CR, Inc. – Our client suffered a significant shoulder injury and underwent several surgeries by doctors selected by the insurance carriers and the surgeries were not very successful in restoring function. …


Work Comp – JA v. Kroger Food 4 Less – While lifting a box our client felt a sharp pain in his neck. The MRI revealed cord compression and our client should have been afforded immediate decompression surgery …


Work Comp – GC v. BP Co. – Our client, a journeyman plumber, suffered a cumulative injury over the years to his neck culminating in fusion surgery. His prior lawyer recommended a settlement of $165,000.00 …

What Are Three Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims in Thousand Palms?

April 11th, 2023|

Workers’ compensation is an important economic lifeline for anyone who has suffered an injury on the job in Thousand Palms. State law requires virtually every employer to have workers’ compensation insurance, and this insurance applies in different ways depending on the nature and severity of a work injury. If you work in Thousand Palms, you are more than likely covered by your employer’s insurance, and it is crucial to know how this insurance will help you recover if you ever suffer an injury at work. Workers’ compensation generally provides two forms of benefits: medical expense coverage and temporary disability benefits. However, these benefits can be awarded in different formats to suit individual claimants’ needs. English Lloyd & Armenta has a

Most Common Workers’ Comp Claims in Indian Wells

April 10th, 2023|

Workers’ compensation is a valuable system that offers economic security and relief to injured workers in all industries. Each state has different workers’ compensation laws, and California requires virtually every employer to have this insurance coverage, even if they have just one employee. If you work in Indian Wells, you are likely covered by your employer’s insurance policy, but it’s a good idea to know what to expect if you ever need to file a claim. The attorneys at English Lloyd & Armenta routinely assist clients in the Indian Wells community with their work injury claims, including those that involve personal injury suits against specific parties responsible for causing these incidents. If you or a family member has been hurt

4 Injuries Not Covered by Workers’ Comp in Desert Hot Springs

February 16th, 2023|

The workers’ compensation system is a crucial safety net for injured workers, providing coverage of their medical expenses and limited disability benefits for the time they are unable to work. Workers’ compensation insurance also protects employers, preventing them from facing civil liability for their injured workers’ damages in most cases. If you suffered an injury or contracted an illness while working in Desert Hot Springs, you likely have grounds to claim workers’ compensation benefits. However, workers’ compensation does not cover every injury you might suffer while working. It’s important to know the issues that are not covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. While workers’ compensation covers a wide range of workplace injuries and work-related illnesses, some issues do not

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