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Located in Rancho Mirage, English Lloyd & Armenta has been serving the Coachella Valley for more than 30 years. We represent workers who have been injured on the job and need help obtaining workers’ compensation benefits and those who have been wrongfully denied overtime.

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Personal Injury & Work Comp – VR v. JC, DDP – The injured worker suffered third degree burns on his toros and legs and underwent lumbar surgery. He was injured when he was testing an underground pool heater …


Work Comp – JC v. CR, Inc. – Our client suffered a significant shoulder injury and underwent several surgeries by doctors selected by the insurance carriers and the surgeries were not very successful in restoring function. …


Work Comp – JA v. Kroger Food 4 Less – While lifting a box our client felt a sharp pain in his neck. The MRI revealed cord compression and our client should have been afforded immediate decompression surgery …


Work Comp – GC v. BP Co. – Our client, a journeyman plumber, suffered a cumulative injury over the years to his neck culminating in fusion surgery. His prior lawyer recommended a settlement of $165,000.00 …

What Is the Most Common Type of Construction Accident in California?

March 17th, 2024|

Construction sites remain among the most dangerous areas for occupational hazards. One in five workplace deaths occur at construction sites. If you were injured in Desert Hot Springs construction accidents, you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation. If you suffered injuries while visiting a site, you could be eligible to take legal action against the owners of the construction projects. Employers have a legal obligation to take steps to protect the safety of anyone who steps foot on work sites. What Is the Most Common Type of Construction Accident in California? Falls are the most common type of construction accident in California. Workers at construction sites often work dozens or even hundreds of feet above the ground. Walking across

How Much Money Can I Get for a Lower Back Injury in California?

March 16th, 2024|

If your lower back was injured while you were at work in California, you may be entitled to monetary compensation, either through workers’ compensation or the filing of a personal injury claim. An experienced Indio back injury lawyer can provide you with legal guidance and ensure your claim is filed correctly. How Much Money Can I Get for a Lower Back Injury in California? How much money you can get for a lower back injury in California will depend on many factors. While most workplace injuries are only eligible for workers’ comp, personal injuries against third parties or egregiously malicious employers may be possible in certain cases. If you choose to pursue a personal injury claim through the courts, the

What Are My Rights Under Workers’ Compensation in California?

March 15th, 2024|

The workers’ compensation system in California was established in 1913 by the Boynton Act. The act required employers to provide compensation benefits to workers that included permanent and partial disability. Since then, California has passed reforms and bills that have strengthened the rights of workers to seek compensation following a work-related injury. If you work in Cathedral City, a Cathedral City workers’ compensation attorney can provide the answers to your questions. What Are My Rights Under Workers’ Compensation in California? Your rights under workers’ compensation in California include the right to have your medical expenses covered when they are tied to a workplace injury. These benefits cover: Medical evaluations Treatments Surgery Mental health services Physical therapy Transportation costs Medical aid

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