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The 4 most common fatal accidents in construction

Most days, your work is hard, but you don't complain because the money helps you support your family. However, there are some days that are harder than others, and you may go home with an aching back or bandages on your hands. Unfortunately, if you work in the construction industry, these are not the most serious risks you face on the job.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are certain types of accidents that result in deaths on construction sites more often than any other accidents. These "fatal four" are often the result of safety violations but can also occur from one moment of inattention.

Serving tourists might be detrimental to your health

Thousands of tourists stream to the Coachella Valley each year looking for memorable experiences. If you work in the kitchen of a restaurant or hotel, the visitors will rely on your help to make their holidays unforgettable. However, most of them will spare no thought for the hazards you face where you work behind the scenes.

You will no doubt be aware of most of the occupational dangers of your job; however, some not-so-obvious injuries can have long-term consequences. For example, do you even know what Hallux Rigidus is and how to prevent it?

Safety on the farm is critical

Even though safety advocates have named this week "Farm Safety Week," you likely understand the importance of taking safety measures every day on the job. It is not easy for these advocates to reach an accurate count of how many people suffer injuries in farm-related accidents since no system exists for collecting this information. However, based on news stories and other outlets, researchers believe the number is higher than 50 so far this year.

Working in the California agricultural industry is physically challenging, and you likely feel the aches and pains of your labors at the end of most days. However, it may only take a split second for a farm accident to change your life forever.

How should you proceed after an on-the-job injury?

Hard-working Coachella Valley employees across a wide universe of industries routinely suffer on-the-job accidents and injuries.

Many of those work-related harms are far more serious than minor ailments that only cause temporary discomfort. Indeed, workers employed in fields ranging from manufacturing and construction to agriculture and other pursuits are often afflicted with workplace injuries that are at minimum temporarily disabling.

What is an on-the-job third-party injury claim?

Many California workers across the Coachella Valley know that state laws require their employers to step up and financially compensate them when they suffer workplace injuries. We note on our website at the experienced workers’ compensation law firm of English Lloyd & Armenta that an employee forced to miss work while recuperating from an injury is “entitled to temporary disability payments and medical payments.”

Legions of injured workers don’t know this, though: They are also often entitled to receive financial support from a second source as well. In the event that their on-the-job injury owed to third-party negligence, they might also be able to receive compensation by filing and prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit.

A bit of advice for Coachella Valley construction injury victims

What do you do if you’re a Coachella Valley construction worker who has suffered debilitating on-the-job injuries? That turn of circumstances is far from unusual for hard-working individuals who make their living in what is unquestionably one of America’s highest-risk occupational realms.

You promptly seek to do everything you can to attend to your medical needs, of course. And then you might reasonably consider enlisting legal help from a proven Valley legal team that has decades of experience securing truly meaningful remedies for workplace accident/injury victims.

A restaurant kitchen is a dangerous place to work

For many people, cooking is something they enjoy. You may be among those who delight in preparing a meal for your family or using some creativity to turn a tried and true recipe into something uniquely your own. Of course, you know how to take precautions to avoid injuries in your home, such as handling your knife a certain way and cleaning up spills to avoid slipping. In fact, you may rarely hurt yourself in your own kitchen.

However, if you cook in a restaurant for a living, it's not the same as when you cook at home. For one thing, the pace is much faster at work. You may have people shouting orders, returning food from unhappy customers or racing around a crowded kitchen. If you suffer an injury on the job, it can be much more serious than an injury in your own kitchen.

Workplace violence affects more than 2 million annually

Workplace violence happens far too often. The phenomenon is eroding the confidence people once had that their places of work are safe.

According to recent news reports, about two million U.S. workers per year experience workplace violence in one form or another. Unsurprisingly, many of the incidents, including several in and near Coachella Valley, result in serious on-the-job injuries and even fatalities.

High temperatures make for dangerous working conditions

The U.S. can’t agree on much right now, but we can all agree on one thing: it has been a hot summer. Temperatures are spiking across the nation, including here in California. The heat isn’t just a problem for those who love to spend time outdoors. It is a hazard for those who work outside and those who work indoors in warehouses, bakeries, foundries and other already-hot environments.

Excessive heat can cause dangerous medical conditions like heat stroke and dehydration. It can also make workers less focused and more prone to workplace accidents. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a web page dedicated to safety in high-heat environments

More warnings on lung disease related to workplace exposure

Certain lung diseases have a well-documented connection to certain professions. Black lung, for instance, almost exclusively impacts coal miners. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos, and many who develop the disease were exposed at work.

In recent decades, research has shown a connection between workplace exposure and the development of other, non-cancerous lung diseases. This is according to a statement released by the American Thoracic Society in cooperation with a similar European agency.

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