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Personal Injury & Work Comp – VR v. JC, DDP – The injured worker suffered third degree burns on his toros and legs and underwent lumbar surgery. He was injured when he was testing an underground pool heater …


Work Comp – JC v. CR, Inc. – Our client suffered a significant shoulder injury and underwent several surgeries by doctors selected by the insurance carriers and the surgeries were not very successful in restoring function. …


Work Comp – JA v. Kroger Food 4 Less – While lifting a box our client felt a sharp pain in his neck. The MRI revealed cord compression and our client should have been afforded immediate decompression surgery …


Work Comp – GC v. BP Co. – Our client, a journeyman plumber, suffered a cumulative injury over the years to his neck culminating in fusion surgery. His prior lawyer recommended a settlement of $165,000.00 …

Workplace injuries: Wildfire smoke regulations now effective

August 12th, 2019|

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently enacted emergency wildfire smoke regulations. Along with all the threats of workplace injuries wildfires pose, the health damage caused by wildfire smoke can have long-term consequences. Although the regulations apply where the Air Quality Index for airborne particulate matter is 151 or higher, employers with workers in areas with reasonable chances of exposure to wildfire smoke must also comply. Employers must measure the AQI before each shift starts, and at frequent intervals throughout the shift. If feasible, exposure to harmful wildfire smoke must be limited by relocating workers to buildings with air-filtering equipment or to outdoor areas where the AQI is safe. If these measures are not possible, employers must provide approved respirators. Although

Construction workers’ accidents: Crash knocks worker down hole

August 5th, 2019|

Construction sites are inherently dangerous work zones. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of employees by following strict safety standards. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health says all workplace injuries are preventable. However, some construction workers' accidents result from the negligence of third parties. Firefighters recently rescued a construction worker from a hole into which he fell when a vehicle smashed into the equipment on which he was working. According to a police report, the accident occurred at an intersection in Anaheim where the worker was working on some equipment that also included a backhoe. A driver who traveled through the intersection smashed into the equipment. Reportedly, the impact of the collision caused the worker to fall into a

What is an on-the-job third-party injury claim?

August 1st, 2019|

Many California workers across the Coachella Valley know that state laws require their employers to step up and financially compensate them when they suffer workplace injuries. We note on our website at the experienced workers’ compensation law firm of English Lloyd & Armenta that an employee forced to miss work while recuperating from an injury is “entitled to temporary disability payments and medical payments.” Legions of injured workers don’t know this, though: They are also often entitled to receive financial support from a second source as well. In the event that their on-the-job injury owed to third-party negligence, they might also be able to receive compensation by filing and prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit. What is a third party in the context of

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