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The construction industry is absolutely crucial to the American economy, but it is also one of the most dangerous industries for its employees. Construction sites are by nature incomplete structures and properties, meaning they inherently lack the majority of basic safety features of completed structures. Construction accidents can and do happen frequently in the Palm Springs area, and anyone injured in a construction accident should know their legal rights.

At English, Lloyd & Armenta, our attorneys understand the devastating impact a construction accident can have on a person’s life and livelihood. When these accidents happen, victims may be unsure of their legal options and how to secure compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and other losses. They may also be unaware of their legal options beyond a standard workers’ compensation claim when they do not have reliable legal counsel.

If you have recently experienced any type of construction accident in Palm Springs, consult with an experienced Palm Springs construction accident attorney as soon as possible for the best chance of securing an acceptable recovery.

Why Do I Need a Construction Accident Lawyer?

Even if you believe your recent construction accident is a straightforward matter, you will likely encounter difficult legal obstacles if you do not retain legal counsel who will represent you in your legal proceedings and look out for your best interests. Additionally, it would be extremely challenging to handle your own legal case while also recovering from painful injuries, some of which may have caused permanent damage.

Hiring a construction accident attorney can provide you with peace of mind when you need it most. Your legal affairs will be in capable and trustworthy hands so you can focus on your recovery. When you choose an experienced and compassionate legal team like English, Lloyd & Armenta to represent your case, you have experience on your side. You can rest assured our team will exhaust every potential avenue of compensation and provide you with responsive updates as your case progresses.

Another important reason to hire a Palm Springs construction accident lawyer is the fact that your legal team is likely to secure a much more substantial recovery than you could manage alone. The team at English, Lloyd & Armenta has extensive experience handling all types of personal injury cases, including construction accident cases involving catastrophic damages. We know how to maximize our client’s recovery and can put this experience to work in your construction accident case.

Most Common Construction Site Accidents and Injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides important information about the most dangerous industries in the US economy. Construction consistently ranks among the most dangerous industries, and OSHA provides some important insights regarding the most common types of injuries construction workers might sustain at work:

  • Falls are the most common construction accidents sustained by American construction workers. Depending on the height of the fall and the condition of the surface which the victim strikes, a fall can result in catastrophic or fatal injury.
  • “Struck by” injuries are another common construction site injury. These injuries include any instance in which a construction worker is struck by an object, such as a piece of debris or an unsecured tool.
  • Electrocutions are also common construction injuries, some of which may result in permanent nerve damage or death.
  • “Caught in/between” injuries typically describe crushing injuries suffered when a construction worker is caught between large objects, such as a construction vehicle and the side of a building.

Any of these “big four” injuries have the potential to cause permanent damage, such as chronic pain, nerve damage, or severe injury to the head and spine. However, these four most common types of injuries do not represent an exhaustive list of all the possible injuries that might take place on a construction site.

It is not uncommon for the victims of construction site accidents to require extensive recovery time. Some of them may be unable to resume working in the future due to the severity of their injuries. Many assume that the workers’ compensation system can provide them with enough of a recovery to get their life back to normal, but this is not always true. Some construction accidents demand further legal action to ensure the victim obtains the recovery they deserve.

Workers’ Compensation in California

When a construction worker or any other employee in California sustains an injury at work, the worker’s compensation system may provide them a measure of economic relief by covering their immediate medical expenses and providing partial coverage for the income lost during their recovery. All construction workers need to know how the workers’ compensation system functions, as they are more likely than employees in many other industries to experience workplace injuries.

Every construction company and development company in California must carry workers’ compensation insurance. The employer pays a monthly premium for their coverage and has a legal duty to provide an injured employee with all of the materials they require for filing a claim after an injury at work.

A construction worker can file a workers’ compensation claim for any injury sustained at work, even if the injury is the result of their own mistake or an apparent freak accident with no one clearly to blame. However, in the event a construction accident occurs due to negligence, the injured worker may have legal options beyond the workers’ compensation system. Additionally, it’s vital for any injured construction worker to know their legal options after a workplace injury because their workers’ compensation benefits may not completely cover their losses.

Damages and Compensation for a Construction Accident Claim

A workers’ compensation claim can only yield coverage for medical expenses and lost income. It’s possible to secure workers’ compensation benefits for a fairly long time if a workplace injury results in a disability or prevents the victim from working for an extended time. However, if a construction accident occurred because of negligence or an intentionally harmful action from another party, talk with a lawyer. The victim may seek additional compensation through a personal injury claim or other legal action.
When an injured construction worker files a personal injury claim against a negligent party, they can secure several types of compensation, including:

  • Medical expense coverage beyond what workers’ compensation provides.
  • Lost income, including their lost future earning potential if they suffer an injury that prevents them from working in the future.
  • Pain and suffering compensation. The victim’s attorney will typically argue for a multiple of the victim’s medical expenses like pain and suffering compensation to reflect the severity of their injury and the physical pain and psychological suffering they experienced from the injury.
  • Punitive damages. A California judge may award punitive damages if the defendant in a construction accident case caused the injury intentionally or if their negligence was severe and beyond the scope of negligence typically seen in most personal injury cases.

With the help of an experienced Palm Springs construction accident attorney, an injured worker can explore all of their available legal options beyond a workers’ compensation claim. In the event the victim believes another party is liable for their damages, their attorney can help hold them accountable by establishing their liability and providing the court with a complete accounting of all their client’s damages.

Proving Liability for Your Construction Accident Injury

Construction is a complex industry, and any construction job is likely to involve many different stakeholders and participants through the project’s various phases. It’s possible for one or more parties to absorb liability for a construction accident, including the owner of the building site, the victim’s supervisor, another employee, a subcontractor, or the manufacturer of faulty equipment or materials.

It’s vital for an injured construction worker to seek legal representation as soon as possible if they believe their recent construction accident happened because of the negligence of another party or parties. Seeking legal representation promptly following a construction accident helps to ensure the freshness of evidence and provides the injured worker with the best chance of recovery.

Representing Construction Accident Victims in Palm Springs

A construction accident can be a life-changing event. The victim may face financial insecurity as they are left unable to work for months or even years. Severe construction injuries can result in permanent disabilities that limit their future employment options. When these accidents occur due to negligence, victims should understand their options for legal recourse and the value of experienced legal counsel.

English, Lloyd & Armenta has extensive experience handling difficult construction accident claims for clients in the Palm Springs area and throughout the Coachella Valley. Our team can help our clients navigate the complex workers’ compensation claims system, determine whether they have legal options for recovery beyond what workers’ compensation provides, and assess their options for taking legal action against the negligent parties responsible for their damages.

If you or a loved one recently experienced any type of construction accident and are now facing expensive medical bills and mounting economic pressure from their inability to work. The team at English, Lloyd & Armenta can assist you with a workers’ compensation claim and then proceed to investigate additional legal options that provide the best chance of securing the maximum recovery possible under California law. Contact English, Lloyd & Armenta today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate and responsive Palm Springs construction accident attorney.

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