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Workplace Injuries Archives

Workplace injuries can result from sedentary job environments

"Get up and get moving" is common advice for people in California who suffer the consequences of a sedentary life. However, if a large portion of that sedentary life is spent at work, it may be difficult to incorporate such advice into the day. Studies continue to confirm that many workplace injuries and illnesses occur due to the very nature of some jobs.

Rise in workplace injuries alarming at Goodwill

When the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health launches an investigation into the working conditions of an industry, its purpose is to ensure the employees have a safe environment in which to work. That safety involves protection equipment, freedom from hazards and proper training to prevent workplace injuries. Recently, following a fatal accident in which a worker's head was crushed in a compactor, Goodwill Industries is facing a Cal/OSHA probe and possibly criminal charges.

Back injuries often mean temporary disability for workers

Sometimes it starts as a little twinge in the lower back and builds to paralyzing pain. Other times, it hits all at once with a snap, leaving a person lying on the floor until help arrives. Back injuries are among the most common workplace injuries, causing the temporary disability of thousands of employees in California each year. They are often recurring injuries since the spine and back muscles are more easily injured once they have been damaged. Knowing the common causes of back injuries on the job may help workers protect their spines.

Workplace injuries sometimes result in third-party claims

Many people in California prefer jobs that take them out of the office. Sitting behind a desk is not what they enjoy, and they choose a career that allows them to work outdoors. However, doing field work is often dangerous because the environment cannot always be controlled, creating a higher risk for workplace injuries. One man in another state is an example of the injuries possible when working amid such risks.

Third-party cases help families seek restitution after accidents

In some situations, workers are at the mercy of their environment. Being unable to control certain factors often leaves workers vulnerable to accidents and injuries that safety protocol may not be able to prevent. In these third\-party cases, injured employees may have recourse to additional compensation through civil courts. Such compensation may be even more important to families who lose loved ones in workplace accidents.

Eyes are vulnerable to workplace injuries

Nearly every job presents a risk to employees' eyes. Whether a worker is exposed to bright or dim lighting, flying objects or sustained strain, the opportunity for vision damage is real. In fact, in California and across the country, almost 2,000 workers each day suffer eye injuries that require medical attention. Safety advocates say that 90 percent of those workplace injuries are preventable.

Workplace injuries may not be prevented with back belt

Back belts have become a staple in the workplace, especially where heavy lifting is required. Starting as rehabilitative tools following back injuries, back belts quickly evolved into exercise equipment for weight lifters. Today in California and across the country, back belts are used to prevent workplace injuries. Many question whether they are effective.

CalOSHA unveils new rules for workplace injuries due to violence

Employers may feel they already have a great many safety rules with which to comply. This spring, however, there will be even more as the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration expands on federal guidelines for preventing workplace injuries due to violence. This comprehensive set of rules affects those who work in health care facilities, including home health care programs, addiction treatment programs and health facilities in correctional centers.

Man's workplace injuries may be life-altering

In California and across the country, when a worker is injured on the job, it is common for co-workers to stop and do what they can to help the victim. Sometimes work resumes quickly after a bandage or ice pack is proffered, or a ride to a medical center is arranged for stitches or the resetting of a bone. When workplace injuries are more serious, however, co-workers may find themselves pulled from their jobs and witnessing a fight for survival.

Hospitals reduce workplace injuries with safe lifting programs

Workers in warehouses may be expected to lift loads up to 75 pounds on a regular basis. However, a typical hospital worker in California often lifts patients five times heavier. Can it be any wonder that so many hospital employees complain of workplace injuries? In an attempt to alleviate the stress and strain of so much heavy lifting, one study evaluated the effects of a safe handling program instituted at a small hospital and compared the results to those in a similar hospital with no safety protocol.

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