The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently reported its findings on an investigation into a June incident when a driver became trapped in his overturned truck. After conflicting reports by the contracted driver, the construction company and witnesses, Cal/OSHA concluded that the company was responsible for conditions that caused the driver to rush and endanger his life by operating his concrete truck at an unsafe speed. Finding the truth behind some construction workers’ accidents can be challenging.

Reportedly, the subcontractor had to deliver mixed concrete to a site that was accessed by backing the concrete truck up a ramp. The truck operator reported that the time required to offload the wet cement exceeded the available time left before the mix would be spoiled and be rejected by inspectors. Also, he claimed no flagger was available to direct him as he backed up the ramp that provided limited space for maneuvering the massive 10-wheeled vehicle.

The side of the ramp gave way, causing the truck to roll over, trapping the driver inside. Hydraulic equipment was used to extricate him from the overturned vehicle. Further reports indicate that the driver suffered no apparent injuries, and he was not hospitalized. However, in December, the worker claims to have constant numbness in the fingers on his left hand. Cal/OSHA proposed a $600 fine for the construction company.

Although the California workers’ compensation insurance system provides financial assistance to victims of construction workers’ accidents, proving injuries to be work-related could be challenging. In a case such as this one, the injured concrete truck driver might need the skills of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer can help the worker to secure the benefits to which he might be entitled.