Workers in California who were injured in work-related accidents will likely have to deal with more than just the pain. Serious injuries that cause temporary disability can happen in all industries. They typically bring about mounting medical bills and lost wages, all of which can affect the worker’s ability to take care of his or her family.

Tree workers face multiple occupational risks, some of which involve electricity. An incident that occurred on a recent Monday morning is an example of their vulnerability. A worker was rushed to the hospital after what police called an accident that involved electrical power lines. It appears as if an employee of a tree service company made accidental contact with overhead power lines while he was trimming trees.

First responders rushed to the scene where they performed CPR before transporting the critically injured worker to the hospital. Reportedly, he was later transferred to a burn center. Authorities say the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health was informed, and investigators will examine the circumstances that led to the incident. The employer’s compliance with prescribed safety standards will also be evaluated.

Severe burn injuries can be life-changing, and this worker might be unable to return to work for a significant period. In the meantime, financial help is available through the California workers’ compensation insurance program. An attorney with experience in this field can assist with the benefits claims process to obtain a wage-replacement package for the period of temporary disability. The compensation will also cover all the worker’s medical expenses. The outcome of the Cal/OSHA investigation will not affect the injured worker’s eligibility for benefits.