Hard-working Coachella Valley employees across a wide universe of industries routinely suffer on-the-job accidents and injuries.

Many of those work-related harms are far more serious than minor ailments that only cause temporary discomfort. Indeed, workers employed in fields ranging from manufacturing and construction to agriculture and other pursuits are often afflicted with workplace injuries that are at minimum temporarily disabling.

And some job injuries cause far more damage than that, forcing workers to cease employment for an extended period of time.

The California workers’ compensation system is set up to respond to such situations, providing injured employees with urgently needed financial assistance when a workplace injury has rendered them unable to do their jobs.

Here’s a point to note about the process, though, which every injured worker should closely note: It only functions as intended when a claimant actively engages it.

Put another way: If you are hurt on the job and unable to work, you can’t be passive in the aftermath. You must be timely and proactive in commencing your claim and getting your legal benefits.

We underscore that important point at the long-established Coachella Valley pro-workers’ law firm of English Lloyd & Armenta. We stress that, “There are important steps you must take after a workplace injury to secure your workers’ comp claim.”

We walk readers of our blog posts through those steps via a “general guide” we provide on a page of the firm’s website chronicling what a worker should do following an on-the-job injury.

We hope the summary information we impart there is helpful. We couple it by noting that early input from a proven workers’ compensation legal team can help ensure that an injured worker optimally invokes the process and fully protects his or her employment rights.