Many California workers across the Coachella Valley know that state laws require their employers to step up and financially compensate them when they suffer workplace injuries. We note on our website at the experienced workers’ compensation law firm of English Lloyd & Armenta that an employee forced to miss work while recuperating from an injury is “entitled to temporary disability payments and medical payments.”

Legions of injured workers don’t know this, though: They are also often entitled to receive financial support from a second source as well. In the event that their on-the-job injury owed to third-party negligence, they might also be able to receive compensation by filing and prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit.

What is a third party in the context of a workplace injury claim?

A third party at a California worksite is essentially any job-linked service provider other than a worker’s employer.

That list of possibilities – especially in something like a construction project – is long. It ranges broadly from multiple subcontractors and vendors to drivers, equipment suppliers and additional project contributors. The careless (and sometimes even callous and wanton) workplace conduct of such parties is often a core catalyst spurring serious and even catastrophic injuries for company workers.

What benefits can be claimed in a third-party injury claim?

A knowledgeable and aggressive legal team can seamlessly handle both a workers’ comp case and personal injury claim for a valued client. The benefits received in a personal injury settlement can materially supplement those provided by an employer. They help claimants pay for bills, defray medical costs (including future outlays for therapy and rehabilitation) and safeguard loved ones against stark financial challenges that might otherwise arise.

Questions concerning this important subject matter can be directed to a proven and empathetic team of pro-worker personal injury attorneys.