Agriculture is a major part of the California economy, and countless farmhands are handling difficult manual labor all over the Coachella Valley. These individuals not only provide an incredibly valuable service to the people of California but also face tremendous risk while doing so. The agricultural industry is statistically one of the most dangerous when it comes to on-the-accidents. When a farmhand suffers an injury at work, a Coachella farming accident attorney is one of the best available resources for securing compensation for the incident.

Farmhands sustain injuries in many different ways. For those in this industry, it is vital to know the most common types of farmhand injuries and the long-term effects they might have. The leading cause of farmhand injuries in California’s Coachella Valley is overturning machinery-related injuries. For example, if a tractor overturns, it could crush the operator or a nearby farmhand assisting with the tractor’s operation. Tractor accidents can easily cause catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Animal-related injuries are common among farmhands who regularly work with livestock. Animals such as horses and cows are large enough and strong enough to severely injure farmhands, and smaller animals such as pigs, sheep, and goats may also cause serious injuries.

Farmhands also face the risk of suffering other injuries common among manual labor positions. Slips, trips, and falls can lead to broken bones and back injuries, and traumatic head injuries may lead to short and long-term complications for the victim.

What Are the Two Main Causes of Tractor Runovers and Collisions?

Tractors are complex machines that operate differently from conventional passenger vehicles, and they also include additional features that allow them to perform important agricultural functions. Tractor runovers most commonly occur from driver errors and uneven topography. Due to the nature of farming, it can be difficult to clearly gauge the slope of the ground and identify divots, ditches, and pits that can cause a tractor to lose traction and rollover or run over a farmhand accidentally.

Tractor collisions typically occur due to vehicle faults or poor visibility. It is essential for farmhands who operate heavy machinery to do so very carefully and for those around them to remain alert.

What Are the Four Most Common Categories of Tractor Hazards?

Tractor hazards are generally categorized into four sections:

  1. Overturning accidents. These accidents occur when a tractor operator turns too sharply and the tractor tips over on its side.
  2. Runover accidents. Tractors may run over other farmhands due to poor visibility or failure to clear an area before operating a tractor.
  3. Power takeoff entanglements. The power takeoff stub transfers power from a tractor to an attached piece of equipment. This stub rotates incredibly fast, and it is possible for a farmhand to become entangled by it, suffering severe injuries.
  4. Older tractor failures. Unfortunately, some farmhands use outdated equipment that no longer complies with applicable safety standards, and older equipment is highly likely to cause serious accidents.

Agricultural employers who require the use of tractors for their operations must ensure all of their equipment is safe, reliable, and compliant with applicable regulations. They must also ensure their farmhands are all fully trained on workplace safety and proper tractor operation.

Why Are Tractors Dangerous?

Tractors are inherently dangerous by design, just like any other vehicle created for a specific purpose. Since these vehicles are not meant for road use, they lack many of the safety features that typical passenger cars have. The fact that they are not used on paved roads is another component of the inherent danger these vehicles present. It’s essential that farmhands acknowledge the risks these vehicles present and to use appropriate caution at all times. Tractors tend to have large blind spots and are generally used on uneven, unpaved terrain.

Do You Need a Lawyer If You Have a Farming Accident Injury?

A Coachella farming accident attorney is a fantastic asset if you or a loved one sustains an injury in a farming accident. Depending on how the accident happened and whether it could have been prevented, it is possible for an employer, other farmhand, or some other party to bear liability for a tractor accident or other farming accident.

It is a good idea to consult a Coachella farming accident attorney after any kind of tractor accident or other farming-related injury. If another party was negligent in their operation of farm equipment or failed to exercise reasonable care while operating said equipment, they may be liable for your damages. In the event you and your family are facing a situation like this, reach out to an experienced Coachella farming accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your potential legal options.