Scaffolds are essential in many workplaces, especially construction, manufacturing, and utility work. Many workers, including construction workers, professional cleaners, professional painters, and more, must use all types of scaffolds to perform their job duties. Unfortunately, these devices are commonly cited as major causes of life-changing work injuries.

If you recently suffered a work-related injury from a scaffold accident, an experienced attorney could assist you with your recovery. You likely have grounds to file a workers’ compensation claim through your employer’s insurance policy, but you could also have the necessary grounds for further legal action depending on the exact cause of the incident. English Lloyd & Armenta can provide the legal representation you need for your workers’ compensation claim and beyond.

Risks of Scaffolds at Work

A scaffold is a device that acts as both a ladder and a support, allowing workers in various industries to reach high places more safely than they could by only using ladders. Unfortunately, scaffolds are inherently dangerous for many reasons, and severe injuries may easily occur when workers do not use these devices correctly:

  • Exceeding the weight limit of a scaffold can cause it to bend and eventually break. This can not only send anyone using the scaffold at the time tumbling to the ground below, but any tools, materials, and other objects resting on the scaffold will fall and potentially injure anyone below the scaffold.
  • Defective scaffolds may fail to perform as intended. It’s possible for a scaffold to be defective by design, in which case the manufacturer will likely issue a recall of every device that shares the defect. It’s also possible for a production defect to be responsible for the accident, or the party responsible for assembling the scaffold may have failed to have done so correctly.
  • Scaffolds are vulnerable to external impacts. Therefore, if a scaffold is in use on a construction site and a vehicle backs up into it, this can cause the lower portion of the scaffold to crumple, severely injuring anyone using the scaffold at the time.

No matter how your recent scaffold injury happened, it’s essential to know your rights in terms of the state’s workers’ compensation laws. State law requires almost every employer to have workers’ compensation insurance, and the benefits you obtain from a successful claim may be essential to your recovery.

Workers’ compensation generally offers two forms of compensation to an injured worker. Once their claim is approved, the insurance company will cover the cost of any medical care they require to fully heal from their injury. They will also be eligible to receive ongoing disability benefits if the injury prevents them from working until they recover. In the unfortunate event that a scaffold injury is fatal, the victim’s family could be eligible to claim death benefits through the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy.

The attorneys at English Lloyd & Armenta have years of experience helping injured workers maximize their workers’ compensation benefits. As a result, we are often able to secure better results than our clients initially expect; we can also provide further legal representation when they have the necessary grounds for legal action outside of the workers’ compensation system. Scaffold accidents can be tremendously damaging, and legal counsel you can trust is an invaluable asset after any such incident in California.


Q: What Is the Most Common Scaffold Incident?

A: The most commonly reported cause of scaffold-related injuries is product defects. If there is any flaw in the design or production of the scaffold, it is incredibly dangerous for anyone to use it. However, not all defects are immediately apparent, and it is possible for a scaffold to appear safe to use for quite a long time before the defect arises and causes a traumatic accident.

Q: What Is the Most Common Injury From Scaffold Incidents?

A: Falls are the most commonly reported injuries from scaffold-related incidents. When someone falls from a scaffold, they may suffer severe injuries, from traumatic brain damage and broken bones to internal organ damage and spinal cord injuries. The height of the fall typically determines the scope of the resulting damage, and falls from great heights can easily be fatal.

Q: Who Is Liable for a Scaffold Accident?

A: Liability for a scaffold-related work accident could fall to one of multiple possible parties. If the victim caused their own injury because of typical negligence at work, they might only have the option of filing for workers’ compensation. On the other hand, if their safety equipment failed to perform correctly or the scaffold was defective in any way, the manufacturer of the defective product is typically liable for the resulting damages. Your attorney can determine the fault for your accident and let you know how best to proceed with your recovery efforts.

Q: Should I Hire an Attorney After a Scaffold Accident at Work?

A: Reliable legal counsel can dramatically improve the quality of your experience in the workers’ compensation claim process, and they may also assist you with a personal injury claim if you have grounds to file further legal action. Even after you account for your legal fees, your attorney could help you recover much more than you could have secured on your own.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

A: As long as you file your claim for workers’ compensation benefits as promptly as possible and have an attorney with the necessary experience assisting you, it may only take a few weeks before you receive your first benefits payment. If you suspect the insurance company has not handled your claim in good faith, or if you believe you have the necessary grounds to seek further legal action, your attorney could help you streamline your recovery efforts in various ways.

The attorneys at English Lloyd & Armenta have extensive professional experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. We have helped many victims of scaffold-related accidents and other injuries at work get the compensation they need to recover. Whatever your case may entail, you can trust our firm to provide ongoing support and reassurance through every phase of your efforts. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation with our team and learn more about the legal services we offer.