The state’s agricultural industry is one of the most important facets of the state’s economy, and it is one of the leading states when it comes to supplying the rest of the country with various types of produce. There are thousands of people working in agriculture and farming throughout the state, and unfortunately, these individuals face many significant risks to their personal health and safety every day at work.

If you or a family member works in the agriculture sector, it is essential to know the risks you face on the job. The climate is typically warm to hot, with minimal cloud coverage over most of the state. This means that agricultural workers performing their job duties outside in direct sunlight are virtually at constant risk of suffering heat-related injuries. They must also handle various pesticides and other harmful substances at work, some of which can easily cause long-term or permanent adverse health effects.

Ultimately, there are many risks of injury in agriculture and commercial farming. Therefore, it’s vital to know your rights if you have been affected by any such variables at work, and the right attorney can provide ongoing support and guidance that helps you reach the best outcome possible for any recovery efforts you attempt after a work-related injury.

Dangers of Heat for Farm Workers

Heat is more deadly than many people realize. Without adequate rest periods and access to water, agricultural workers may suffer heat exhaustion that can easily progress to heat stroke, a potentially fatal acute condition. Over time, even if a worker does not suffer any obvious adverse effects from the heat, they can develop skin cancer or other health conditions that require expensive treatment and interfere with their ability to work.

Pesticides and Herbicides in Commercial Agriculture

Most agricultural workers will be exposed to various chemicals on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some chemicals, especially pesticides, are very dangerous to humans. For example, the product Roundup has been identified as a carcinogen, and the manufacturer has faced countless lawsuits due to their failure to accurately report the potential hazards of using this glyphosate-based solution in agriculture.

If a farm worker or other agriculture employee develops a medical condition from any such substance, this can not only cause them to incur very expensive health care costs but also diminish their ability to work. In addition, these victims face the added challenge of proving the exact cause of their conditions, and this is typically much easier with an experienced attorney’s assistance and support.

Recovery From a Work-Related Injury in Agriculture

California enforces some of the most robust workers’ compensation laws in the country, and virtually every employer in the state must have workers’ compensation insurance. While many states enforce unique rules for agriculture sector employees, California upholds the same rules for these workers as those that apply to workers in all other industries. This means that if you or someone you love suffered any type of agriculture related injury, you likely have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, you could have the necessary grounds for further legal action as well. So, if an unreasonably dangerous product or one that was defective caused your injury, you could have grounds to file a claim against the manufacturer. In addition, if a specific party caused your injury, you could be eligible to file a third-party personal injury claim in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

The best thing anyone can do after an injury at work is to consult an attorney who has the tools and experience necessary to handle a challenging work injury case. The attorneys at English Lloyd & Armenta have years of experience representing Coachella Valley clients in work injury cases, and we are often able to exceed their expectations in terms of the compensation we can secure on their behalf.


Q: What Are Some of the Most Significant Dangers for Agricultural Workers?

A: Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries, and some of the leading causes of workplace injuries among farm workers include tractor overturn accidents, injuries from heat exposure, and medical complications caused by chemicals used in their work areas. It’s also possible for agricultural workers to suffer other acute injuries, and victims are likely to face very difficult recoveries.

Q: What Are Commonly Reported Medical Problems Among Agricultural Workers?

A: Farm workers may develop long-term or permanent medical conditions from their work environments and the physical demands of their jobs. Cancer can develop from too much sun exposure, and it’s possible for various herbicides and pesticides to cause various forms of cancer. The physical demands of agricultural work can also result in soft tissue damage, back injuries, and other injuries from repetitive stress.

Q: What Is the Most Common Physical Injury for Farm Workers?

A: The most commonly reported cause of traumatic physical injuries among farm workers in the United States is tractor overturn accidents. While tractors are designed to be used offroad and on uneven surfaces, they do not possess the same safety features found in most modern passenger vehicles.

Q: Can an Injured Agriculture Worker Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

A: California is one of few US states to enforce the same workers’ compensation rules for agricultural workers as other employees throughout other industries. If you work in agriculture and suffer any work-related injury, your employer is likely required to have workers’ compensation insurance that may assist you in your recovery.

Q: Should I Hire an Attorney After an Agriculture Work Injury?

A: An experienced legal team can streamline the workers’ compensation claim process for you after any work-related injury. Additionally, you could have the necessary grounds for further legal action that you may not realize at first, and reliable legal counsel is the best way to maximize this aspect of your options.

The attorneys at English Lloyd & Armenta have the experience and professional resources necessary to handle the most challenging work injury cases. We have helped many injured agricultural workers recover compensation for their job-related injuries and can put this experience to work for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the legal services our firm provides.