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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Spinal injuries may require temporary disability claim

Falls are one of the most common and devastating construction worker injuries. Workers in California and across the country are trained to wear protective gear and use extra precaution when working at great heights. Someone falling from a scaffold or platform risks injuries such as head trauma, broken bones and spinal fractures. Any of those injuries may mean losing time on the job and seeking financial relief for temporary disability to cover basic living expenses.

Cal/OSHA reviews policies after construction workers' accidents

California's branch of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has long warned contractors about the dangers of sending workers into confined spaces without proper permits and safety precautions. Construction workers' accidents in confined spaces frequently make for difficult rescue operations because there is often only one opening. The main concern for workers in confined spaces is the risk of air contamination because of poor ventilation.

Construction workers' accidents change lives in an instant

When accidents occur at California construction sites, they often happen so quickly that rescuers can do little to help. Heavy equipment used at great heights may combine to create a deadly situation if things go wrong. For safety advocates, the investigation of construction workers' accidents is primarily to prevent future accidents from occurring. Authorities are likely investigating a recent accident at a bridge project in another state to determine the causes and correct the situation.

Construction area falls may result in temporary disability

Falling is the leading cause of injury among construction workers in California and across the country. Working high off the ground with little maneuvering room leaves almost no margin for error. Although safety equipment such as harnesses, belts and lanyards may reduce the severity of accidents, they are not always enough to prevent injuries that may result in temporary disability or worse.

Construction workers' accidents plague building site

There is little question that construction work is among the most dangerous careers. The potential for severe injuries increases because of the high-risk environment in which the work is done. Since California cities continue to expand and improve, there is a greater possibility for construction workers' accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, one construction site in another state seems to have had more than its share of danger.

Workers may seek temporary disability after fall

Workers in high risk jobs depend on their equipment to provide safety so they can focus on their jobs and not have to worry about hazards. For example, construction workers, with some of the highest rates of accidents and injuries, utilize a variety of safety devices, from eye protection to reinforced boots. When working at heights, however, it is fall protection equipment and protocol workers in California and across the country depend on most because failure in this area can lead to temporary disability or worse.

California construction workers' accidents often involve Latinos

To some, it may seem that racial inequalities are diminishing across the country. However, others may experience the same disenfranchisement they always have, with little recourse to improve their situations. In California workplaces, minorities often have few choices and may end up in the most dangerous jobs, especially in the construction industry. A recent study has examined the price minorities pay in construction workers' accidents across the country.

Heavy machinery causes 2 construction workers' accidents

Because construction work often involves heavy equipment, operating that equipment without specialized knowledge or training may create a dangerous situation. In California, construction workers' accidents happen frequently because of poor training, and the results can be catastrophic. Recently, a man suffered serious injuries working around heavy equipment on the job.

Third-party cases: Construction worker hit by car

Construction workers in California have dangerous jobs, no matter where their work takes them. The rate of construction worker injuries is typically higher than injuries in most other lines of work. The inherent dangers include heavy equipment, dangerous heights and unpredictable environments. However, in the world of road construction, many workers become involved in third\-party cases.

Construction workers' accidents: 2 killed in high winds

Citing that the regulations were bad for business and not necessary, representatives for the construction industry lobbied to have wind restrictions removed from regulations applied to crane use in another state. Because of that protest, the tougher restrictions were not renewed after they expired. People in California and across the country may be wondering if those rules forbidding crane operation during high winds would have prevented construction workers' accidents like the one that killed two men just before Thanksgiving.

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