Hazards that pose severe threats are present on every building site. The California Division of Safety and Health requires each employer to provide work environments that are free of known hazards and safety training to ensure that workers are aware of potential dangers and know how to prevent construction workers’ accidents that could injure themselves and others. Struck-by hazards are a significant threat to workers at ground level.

There will always be falling objects, flying debris and moving equipment that can strike workers at ground level. For that reason, toe boards and rails are essential on elevated areas, and tools and other objects must be tied down or kept in tool belts to prevent them from falling. The ideal situation is to barricade the areas below scaffolds to keep those areas clear of workers.

The same goes for work areas in which activities such as grinding cause flying debris and where vehicles or other mobile equipment like forklifts are used. Limiting foot traffic in those areas can limit the chances of workers suffering struck-by injuries. It is also crucial for all workers on construction sites to wear hard hats. Even something as small as a bolt or a nut can cause fatal injuries if dropped from a higher level.

Victims of construction workers’ accidents might have to deal with financial hardships due to mounting medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, employers carry insurance to provide financial assistance. Injured workers can claim benefits to cover those losses. An experienced California workers’ compensation attorney can help with the navigation of the claims process.