The human spine is one of the most crucial structural systems of the body, providing support and leverage for the limbs and supporting the organs. When a back injury occurs, the victim could face a very wide range of possible symptoms that can range in severity from mild to excruciating.

Some injuries to your back cause permanent nerve damage, chronic pain, or even paralysis. However, some back injuries do not immediately manifest serious symptoms, instead causing problems that gradually worsen over time. So how do you know if your back injury is serious? Whenever you have any concerns about your health, seek medical attention from a trusted provider as soon as possible.

When Should You Go to the Doctor for a Back Injury?

Every individual must use good judgment when it comes to seeking medical attention for injuries. Some mild back injuries may only require over-the-counter painkillers and a few days of rest, while others may require emergency surgical treatment. If your injury is causing you more than mild back discomfort or making it difficult to work and complete everyday tasks around your home, call your physician. It is probably best to seek medical care immediately.

Some back injuries can easily worsen if left untreated for too long, and an untreated back injury is also more vulnerable to further injury. It is always best to err on the side of caution with any injury to your back and seek prompt treatment. This is especially true if you believe another party is responsible for your back injury; failing to seek immediate medical treatment could cause problems for you later if you decide to pursue a civil claim. The court will assume that since you didn’t feel the need to seek immediate treatment, then your injuries are likely not as severe as claimed.

Can You Prove a Back Injury is Severe?

If another party has caused your back injury and you intend to pursue a civil claim against them, you will need to provide evidence that not only shows the extent of your back injury. You will also need to show causation between the defendant’s actions and the injury. This means you must be able to show that the back injury occurred from the defendant’s actions alone and not some other cause. However, it is possible to pursue a civil claim against a party that aggravates a preexisting injury. For example, suppose you have a back injury from a sports accident that occurred years ago and a drunk driver hits your car. In that case, you could seek compensation for the exacerbated back injury and any medical expenses incurred from it.

Proving a back injury typically comes down to a medical report from a physician; if you seek prompt medical care after a back injury, your doctor can take x-rays, perform additional imaging tests, and conduct a physical examination to determine the severity of your back injury. Input from medical expert witnesses may be necessary in some civil claims to support the plaintiff’s position and show the court the full range of effects they have experienced from the back injury.

What Back Problems Qualify for Disability?

The human spine houses the spinal cord, a thick bundle of nerves that extends from the brain down through the spine and throughout the rest of the body. This is a core component of the human central nervous system, and any injury to the spine can have devastating consequences. In the event a back injury results in serious spinal cord damage, the victim may be unable to resume their previous job or unable to work at all in the future. If the damage is severe enough, they could lose motor functions in parts of their body and be unable to live independently.

Disability benefits exist to help those who are medically unable to work, providing them with financial support for medical treatment and everyday expenses. In the event an individual suffers an injury to their back that causes permanent damage, it is very likely they will qualify for some type of disability benefits as well as civil damages from the party responsible for causing their injury.

Can You Get Compensation for Nerve Damage?

If another party caused a back injury resulting in permanent nerve damage or any additional long-term effects, they should speak with an attorney. The victim could seek compensation through a civil claim. A back injury lawyer in Palm Springs is the ideal resource for someone in this position. An experienced attorney can review a client’s medical report and the circumstances of how their injury occurred to determine whether the client has solid grounds for legal action. If you or a loved one experienced any long-term medical complications from a back injury someone else caused, contact an experienced back injury lawyer in Palm Springs as soon as possible.