Construction sites remain among the most dangerous areas for occupational hazards. One in five workplace deaths occur at construction sites. If you were injured in Desert Hot Springs construction accidents, you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation. If you suffered injuries while visiting a site, you could be eligible to take legal action against the owners of the construction projects. Employers have a legal obligation to take steps to protect the safety of anyone who steps foot on work sites.

What Is the Most Common Type of Construction Accident in California?

Falls are the most common type of construction accident in California. Workers at construction sites often work dozens or even hundreds of feet above the ground. Walking across scaffolding is dangerous work, and construction workers are not always secured through a safety harness.

Even at lower levels, an unexpected trip over an object on the floor can lead to a tumble that causes a traumatic brain injury. When a fall off scaffolding isn’t fatal, it often leads to serious bodily injury that requires hospitalization and long recovery periods.

What is the most common type of construction accident in California?

Types of Injuries That Can Result From Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures, back and spinal cord injuries, burns, electrocution, crush injuries, amputations, and respiratory problems. Chemical burns and psychological trauma are also more common in construction sites.

Even when no party was at fault for your injury, you can seek compensation through the company’s workers’ compensation program. No-fault accidents can occur in any work environment. If your injury resulted from the negligence or misconduct of a third party, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim with the help of an attorney.

Falling Objects

Construction projects necessarily involve the lifting and moving of heavy objects, often with the help of a crane. Falling heavy objects like tools and lumber can slip from their pallets and cause serious injury to people below. Sometimes, these crashes prove fatal. Even small objects that fall from great heights can have dangerous consequences.

Equipment-Related Accidents

Heavy equipment is a common feature at construction sites. These heavy vehicles can turn over, fail, or run into a person or vehicle. Even when workers are attentive to their tasks, a forklift injury or cement truck collision can lead to catastrophic injuries that can be life-threatening or deadly. When employees incur this type of injury on the job site, they can seek workers’ compensation.

Crushing Injuries

A crushing injury can result from two vehicles colliding or crushing someone between them. Machinery designed to press or compress materials can severely injure employees or lead to the loss of a limb. Crushing injuries require immediate medical attention and can leave victims unable to work again. Even when these types of injuries are not the result of misconduct or negligence, injured workers can claim benefits through workers’ compensation plans.


Explosions and fires are more likely to occur on construction sites than in other places of work. Flame-emitting tools like welding equipment can ignite flammable chemicals and glasses. Explosions can lead to traumatic brain injuries and bodily injuries, while fires can lead to severe burns that require hospitalization and skin grafts.

Structural Failures

If the surface that a worker is standing on collapses, any number of injuries can result, from lacerations and impalement to broken bones from falls. Workplace supervisors are tasked with ensuring that any structures that a worker might cross, including temporary ones, are safe and stable.

Can Negligence Lead to an Accident?

Construction sites are tightly monitored and regulated, but negligence on the part of project managers and supervisors can lead to injuries. These are some of the more common ways that negligence can lead to workplace injury or death.

  • The supervisor fails to properly train and educate workers.
  • The project manager fails to follow safety protocols and regulations.
  • Inadequate equipment maintenance
  • Poor lighting
  • Poor ventilation
  • Improper handling of hazardous materials
  • Inadequate fall protection systems
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Unsafe structures that are prone to collapse
  • Inadequate communication between team members
  • Inadequate supervision

When negligence leads to a workplace injury, the injured party can seek workers’ compensation. English Lloyd & Armenta has many years of experience helping clients fight for compensation following a construction site injury.


Q: What Is the Most Common Type of Injury in Construction?

A: The most common types of injuries in construction sites include back injuries, broken bones, and head injuries. Any impact on the head can lead to a traumatic brain injury that can have long-lasting effects. The extent of your injury will be factored into your options as you pursue workers’ compensation or other forms of legal action.

Q: Which Is the Most Common Cause of Construction Accidents?

A: The most common causes of construction accidents are falls, equipment malfunctions, vehicle accidents, and falling objects. The presence of heavy machinery and the need for workers to climb great heights are all factors that can lead to construction accidents. When an injury does occur, it is often due to the failure of a supervisor or employer to follow standard safety protocols. This can be grounds for the injured workers to file for workers’ compensation.

Q: What Type of Accident Kills the Most Construction Workers?

A: The type of accident that kills the most construction workers is falls. Also, an accident involving a heavy machine can lead to a deadly accident. There are many perils facing workers on construction sites, and even visitors can be injured while on these sites. Anyone who is injured in one of these areas should seek legal counsel.

Q: Will I Be Offered a Settlement for My Injuries?

A: If you file a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, it’s likely that you will be offered a settlement for your injuries. If both parties agree to the settlement amount, the case can be resolved without the need for a trial. Your settlement offer will take certain factors into consideration, such as the extent of your injuries and the amount of work you’ll miss. Your construction injury lawyer will help you understand whether a settlement is in your interests.

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