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Whether we think about it or not, our back is constantly supporting us through our daily lives. Taking care of your back is one of the best things you can do to manage overall pain and increase mobility and quality of life. Unfortunately, the health of our backs isn’t always under our control. There are many cases in which accidents or others’ negligence can cause a back injury. These injuries can make it hard or impossible to do everyday tasks, including working, running errands, and spending time with family and friends. The only way to get your life back after an injury like this is to make sure that you have the financial support to heal and rest properly. Many corporations and insurance companies will do everything that they can to keep from paying back injury bills. However, you can take steps with a Palm Desert back injury lawyer to increase your chances of a proper settlement.

Types of Back Injuries

In most cases, catastrophic back injuries are obvious and severe. However, back injuries aren’t always this way. Many happen over time, and many people suffer from back injuries without even realizing that they are eligible for compensation from their employer. Because the back is so central to the body’s overall health, there are many ways it can be damaged. This also means that the injuries inflicted on this area of the body have widespread health consequences. It doesn’t matter the type of injury; you deserve compensation for sacrificing such an integral part of your body’s function and safety. Here are some examples of back injuries that may qualify you for financial help:

  • Paralysis
  • Herniated disk
  • Numbness or tingling feeling in extremities
  • Nerve damage or injury
  • Limited or lost mobility

Though these injuries can range in severity, and some may be more life-affecting than others, it’s important to seek proper care and treatment for all of them. Leaving serious injuries without care can lead to permanent damage to the nerves, muscles, bones, and tendons in your back and cause further issues.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The human body is designed to keep the spinal cord safe at all times. This is because the spinal cord is essential to almost everything we do, and we cannot function properly without it. It sends messages between the body and the brain and allows us to physically function on every level. Because it’s vital, spinal cord injuries are extremely serious and often change a person’s life forever. Injuring your spinal cord can lead to paralysis, loss of senses, tremors, as well as a host of other uncomfortable and life-altering symptoms. Spinal cord injury symptoms include:

  • Loss of sensation, including the ability to feel heat, cold, touch, and pain in the affected areas
  • Loss of mobility
  • Spasms or irregular reflexes
  • Intense pain
  • Difficulty breathing

These symptoms are not to be taken lightly, as they can permanently change how you can function. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of severe spinal cord injuries. However, just because they usually happen during crashes does not mean that they can’t happen other ways as well. Many of these injuries come from slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, and other common accidents. One wrong move and life as you know it could be over.

Back Injuries, Spinal Injuries, and Workers’ Compensation

One of the main ways that back injuries occur is in the workplace. Repeated motions, accidents, negligence, improper lighting, faulty equipment, and coworker mistakes can result in serious back injuries. If one of these was the cause of your back injury, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, the workers’ comp system feels inaccessible to many people who have been recently injured at work. Though it can be confusing, don’t let the application process keep you from receiving proper payment for your injuries.

There are a few different types of back injury situations that may entitle you to workers’ compensation.

  • If you suffered a work-related back injury that required you to take time off work to heal, you should receive financial compensation for the time away from work.
  • If you suffered a work-related back injury that will prevent you from doing your job forever, you should receive proper compensation for the loss of job prospects and future income.
  • If you suffered a work-related back injury that significantly changes how you can move around and live a comfortable home/personal life, you might be eligible.
  • If a loved one died due to a work-related back injury, you might be entitled to compensation for wages lost, burial expenses, and future income loss.

Unfortunately, these situations are never as straightforward as you may think. Even if the injury were the fault of your employer, their insurance company would likely do all it can to avoid paying. This means that it will try to poke holes in your account of what happened, prove that you were intoxicated or negligent, or otherwise put the blame on you rather than on your workplace. It’s best to begin the process right away but to have your lawyer present to help you avoid any conversations that could forfeit your rights.

Back Injuries in a Public Place

Locations such as stores, schools, theaters, restaurants, and other public places have the reasonable responsibility to keep their patrons safe from harm. This includes ensuring that the facilities have proper safety equipment such as stair railings, floor mats, and dry floors. If they neglect to keep their property up to code and safe for their customers, they are responsible if something should go wrong. Slip and fall accidents happen with relative frequency, but owners and managers know that they must inform customers of any hazards and do their best to avoid accidents. If you slip and fall in a public place, try to take note of the area around you. Take pictures of the floor and the walls around where you fell, and note if there isn’t a sign informing patrons of a wet floor. This information can help your Palms Desert back injury lawyer form a case for you should the fall lead to back injuries.

Why Press Charges After an Accident?

Many people wonder if it’s worth it to seek financial restitution for a back injury. Though the process may be involved, the reality is that back injuries are truly life-altering. You may suffer lifelong pain, mobility issues, or other health problems due to someone else’s negligence. You are already suffering physically; there is no reason for you to take the financial hit for something that wasn’t your fault. Because back injuries often have lifelong consequences, your medical bills could amount to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Failing to press charges or receive workers’ compensation could mean lifelong debt for you and your family.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Back Accident?

Insurance companies are ruthless. Whether it’s your workplace or a public building that’s responsible, their liability insurers will do whatever is necessary to keep from paying for your medical bills. They will dig into your medical history to try to prove that the injury was pre-existing, and they are not liable. They often call victims very soon after the accident to check in on symptoms and whether they’ve seen a doctor already, disregarding the time it sometimes takes to get an appointment. If you haven’t seen a doctor, they will likely use that fact against you and claim that the injury can’t be serious if you haven’t sought medical help. In some cases, they have a victim followed to document if their daily activities are in line with the severity and symptoms the victim has documented. There are many ways to unknowingly waive your rights, and it’s best to have an attorney on hand for all steps of the process. If the insurance company contacts you, you can direct them to your attorney, who will handle their sneaky tactics and maintain that you deserve your payments.

Why English, Lloyd, and Armenta?

Here at English, Lloyd, and Armenta, we have extensive experience in the world of personal injury. Whether you’ve hurt your back at work or in public, we have the expertise and understanding to make sure that you get the maximum payment for your case. As the foremost Palm Springs back injury lawyers, we are steadfast and unrelenting when dealing with insurance companies. We have no patience with companies that try to evade responsibility when they hurt someone, and we bring that passion to every personal injury case. Though we are tough on insurance companies, we are compassionate and understanding with our clients. We understand that, though we see these cases every day, this is likely your first time. We walk through the process with patience because your injury is personal to us.

If you or a loved one has suffered a life-altering back injury, it’s time to get the attorneys at English, Lloyd, and Armenta on your side. Contact us today to get started.

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